Accounting Services

Establishing Accounting and Cost systems and building organisations of the relevant departments. Accounting book registering services. Services such as company establishing and tax payer registering. End of the year closing of the official books of the company. Filling and declaring of the VAT, Concise, Stamp Tax, Monthly, three monthly and annual income and corporate Taxes.

Services regarding establishing official branches of foreign companies in Türkiye. Services regarding establishment of companies in Türkiye by foreign investors. Services regarding residence permit procedures of foreign partners of the companies established in Türkiye. Consultancy services regarding the use of benefits from the incentives and facilities for newly established foreign companies in Türkiye. Services regarding opening of bank accounts for foreign companies newly established in Türkiye. Services regarding processing payroll and social security formalities of the staff of the representations in Türkiye of the international foundations, associations and humanitarian assistance institutions.